Tuesday 10 August 2010

Must Be Thursday 12/8/10

In which we – or rather I – run down – as in detail, not denigrate, although often that occurs too – the comics – as in American comic books – that are released this Thursday – i.e. available in UK comic shops, which release that particular week's newly published comic books every Thursday, as opposed to the United States, where they're released a day earlier, on Wednesdays – that we – in fact I – might end up buying. Clear?

And from Marvel Comics we – as in, I, possibly – have these:

Not an awful lot to say about these, which kind of begs the question, why am I even bothering with these weekly posts about new comics? Don't ask me, I only work here. Invincible Iron-Man #29 continues Matt Fraction's storyline dealing with Tony Stark's efforts to bring cheap, clean energy to the world, a theme that Joe Casey also played with in the late lamented Wildcats. Steve Rogers: Super Soldier is Ed Brubaker and Dale Eaglesham's miniseries about... no, I can't remember what it's about now. X-Men #2, however, is about vampires. The first issue wasn't that great, though, so not sure how long I'll stick with Victor Gischler and Paco Medina's new series.

And from DC Comics we have these:

Unwritten #16 sees Tom Taylor finally meet up with his father/creator, Wilson, which should be interesting. As for Superman #702, the previous issue of J. Michael Straczynski's new direction was so bloody mawkish it kind of put me off Superman comics again. So I'll flick through this and if it contains any images of anyone – anyone – crying, that's it for me. There's far too much crying in comics these days. Comics need to cease the goddamn blubbing and man up.

And finally, from Image, there's issue #76 of the ever-dependable Walking Dead, of which there seem to have been three issue in the space of six weeks recently. Now that's a serious work ethic. Slacker comics creators – you know who you are – take note.

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