Thursday 8 July 2010

Comic Shop Scores

Final post of the day (don't all cheer): as well as the comics I said I'd probably get from the comic shop this week, I also bagged a couple of other things too – the second of which is a real score. First up, I got this:

The Playwright, by Eddie Campbell and Daren White. It's a hardback collection (and colourization, and expansion) of the strip Messers White and Campbell did for the late Australian anthology DeeVee, about a middle-aged sad sack and fantasist who spends most of his time travelling on buses and leaching after women. I read it at the time, and it's very good, like a more erudite version of Dan Clowes' Wilson. Campbell can do no wrong in my eyes, so I'm looking forward to reading (or rather re-reading in parts) this.

The other score, and this is the one that really is a score, was this:

What is it? It's the 600th issue of Wonder Woman. Not that exciting, you might think, and also, didn't you buy this last week anyway, you silly sod, you might continue to think. And yes, I did. But this particular comic is the Adam Hughes variant cover edition. And not only that, it's the sketch variant edition, of which only one was printed for every 75 regular editions. It's already going for fifty quid and up on eBay, and I bought it for... a fiver. I suspect my local comic shop might have slightly mis-priced it... I saw this lone copy on the shelf, and had an inkling what it was, so I nabbed it. There've been stories all over the press about this comic, mostly over Wonder Woman's new outfit, but this is also a complete relaunch for the character, so I can see the value of this issue going up somewhat. Only question now is, do I keep or do I sell...?

Oh, and before I go (again), next week I'll be slightly overhauling my weekly posts about the comics I'll be getting. I'm bidding a fond(ish) farewell to the various permutations of the List header, for one. Actually that might be the only change, but we'll see how things shake out. Exciting times, friends, exciting times...

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