Monday 30 July 2012

Point Blank by Richard Stark (Allison & Busby, 2001): Double-Signed Edition

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This week I'll have another selection of signed books for you to gaze upon (or possibly ignore, depending on your mood) – both fiction and non-fiction – along with another Westlake Score-and-review, this one even more exciting than last week's (well, to me, anyway). But before we get stuck into all that, and since we're on the subject of signed editions, here's a quick plug for a friend of mine's in-progress eBay auction. The book under the hammer isn't, as editions go, especially notable:

A 2001 Allison & Busby paperback of Point Blank (originally titled The Hunter) by Richard Stark, alias, of course, Donald E. Westlake. But what's remarkable about this particular copy are the signatures within:

It bears the John Hancocks of both Westlake and the director of the Lee Marvin-starring movie adaptation of Point Blank, John Boorman, making it, to my knowledge, the only item – book or otherwise – currently for sale online bearing both their signatures.

You can read how my friend came into possession of the book on his excellent blog, The Accidental Bookshop – and no, before you ask, I don't have any kind of stake in the eBay auction; I'd be bidding myself if I didn't already own far too many signed Westlake novels. (I will, however, be eBaying some of my books – Westlake and non-Westlake – down the line sometime, at which point I will be plugging the living bejeezus out of the buggers.)

Right then: back to my signed editions...

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