Monday 4 July 2011

Wot I Did on My Summer Holidays, by Louis XIV, Age 373 (2011 Reprise), Part 2; or, the Secondhand Bookshops of Chichester, London, Tunbridge Wells and Broadstairs

Aaaand I'm back. Again. Apologies for the longer-than-intended break from blogging, but I realised at the end of the first week of my holidays that I needed to take a bit more time away from the blog in order to properly relax and recuperate, even though I was back online (well – on and off). And now that the holiday is over, I can't promise there'll be daily posts again, either; I'd rather not be tied to a daily schedule on Existential Ennui, chiefly because I suspect I was starting to run myself a bit ragged – what with blogging, holding down a full-time job in publishing, plus all the other mundane bits and bobs that life has a tendency to throw in one's way – but also because there's something else brewing on the blogging front which, if it all pans out, will mean I simply won't have the time to post on here every day. (Don't worry, it's a good "something".) More on that anon.

Anyway, to ease myself back into the swing of things, having posted a visual essay of my time away in Devon a week ago, I thought I'd follow up with another pictorial essay-cum situationist internet installation (ahem), this time detailing the south east England leg of the holiday – and once again you'll quickly spot the overarching theme. (I'll probably follow up with a more general post on some of the bookshops and the books wot I done bought in them sometime over the next day or so.) As before, all pictures were taken by the long-suffering, fragrant Rachel, except the two crappy ones at the end, which were of course taken by yours truly. Enjoy.

Chichester, West Sussex

London, St. Pancras

London, Charing Cross Road / Cecil Court

London, South Bank

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Broadstairs, Kent

The Further Ill-Gotten Gains


  1. Such neglect of the paperback book!

  2. As the writer of a food blog, I'm completely with you on the "pressure" of writing a post every day. After a year or so, you start to run out of ideas; the blog can almost become a chore.

    Having said that, as a manic book collector (very similar tastes, by the way- Greene, Ripley and Patricia Highsmith, Geoffrey Household, Fleming et al) your blog is terrific reading; packed full of ideas for fellow collectors- so please keep it up...There are probably more addicted readers out there than you realise.

    Have you ever had a look at Patrick Hamilton?: "Rope", "Gas Light", "The West Pier", "Hangover Square", "Slaves of Solitude". First editions in hardback with dust wrappers are pricey, but early paperbacks or second printings might be worth having a shot at.

    Best wishes


  3. Thanks for the kind words, Luke. I've not run out of ideas – I've got so many books to blog about it's ridiculous – so much as run out of steam! Or rather, I just couldn't keep going at the pace I was, particularly as most of the posts were pretty lengthy. So I figure I'll keep writing those longer posts, just not as frequently as I was. But it's nice to hear my efforts are appreciated!

    I like the look of your blog, by the way. Can't beat a good Greasy Spoon...

    Olman, fear not: I might not have bought any paperbacks on me hols, but paperbacks will feature very soon...

  4. Not at all...Did you see the recipe for "Tom Ripley's Venetian Lemon Chicken"?