Monday 27 June 2011

Wot I Did on My Summer Holidays, by Louis XIV, Age 373 (2011 Reprise), Part 1; or, the Secondhand Bookshops of Devon (and Cornwall)

Hello there. How are we all? Everything OK? Good good. Well, I'm afraid I'm still on my summer hols, so you'll have to hang on a wee while longer for blogging proper to begin anew. But to tide you over, I thought I'd share some memories from the Devon (and Cornwall and New Forest, briefly) leg of my vacation, in the form of a photographic essay. See if you can identify the overarching theme...

Appledore, Devon

Ilfracombe, Devon

Barnstaple, Devon

Bude, Cornwall

Lyndhurst, New Forest

All photos taken by Rachel. And finally...

The Ill-Gotten Gains

For the second part of this thrilling photographic essay, go here.


  1. You know, you are going to run out of space at some point!!

  2. That point has now been reached! I'll be doing some pruning later this week...

  3. You are so predictable, but we enjoyed the picture anyway

  4. Nice! Love the bookshop porn! :) We are heading off to the Maritimes in 2 weeks and there looks to be a decent amount of used book stores there. But some of the stores you visited were droolworthy!