Thursday 23 September 2010

From the Mid-Sussex Book Fair: The Honorary Consul by Graham Greene

The other weekend we made a return trip to the Mid-Sussex Book Fair, which takes place once in a blue moon in the little town of Hassocks, just over the border into West Sussex. Unfortunately this time out the Scientologists weren't in attendance, but there was still a good selection of dealers, and both Rachel and I came away with a book. I was slightly kicking myself afterwards as I saw another book there that was on sale for a lot less than it was worth, but on reflection I don't think it was in quite as good condition as I thought it was, and anyway it was thirty quid. Unlike the book I did buy, which was less than a tenner:

A UK hardback first edition of Graham Greene's The Honorary Consul, published by the Bodley Head in 1973. Copies of this aren't exactly thin on the ground, but this was a nice example, and I've been wanting to try Greene for a while (I'm ashamed to admit I've never read any of his novels). I was either going to try this or The Quiet American (the 2002 film of which I love); apparently The Honorary Consul was one of Greene's own favourite books. Good a place as any to dip in, then.


  1. I hope you have enjoyed this book ( The Honorary Consul) as much as I have. I found a similar Ist edition at the local recycling depot. It enabled me to reacquaint myself with the reason that I used to read so much of GG when I was a teenager a few decades back. I have had to read it twice in the past month to fully savour those gorgeous concise decriptions which just stop you dead in your tracks. This book is like enjoying the richest chocolate there is - do not waste it by gobbling it down, but lick it, spread it around your teeth and lips and make sure you leave a bit for later.

  2. I still haven't got round to it, Mick (too many books to read...), but your comment's given me more of an impetus to do so. To the top of the to-read pile it goes...