Thursday 5 August 2010

The Many Editions of Parker

Those two Slayground posts got me thinking about all the various editions of Donald 'Richard Stark' Westlake's Parker novels, and the fact that I've ended up with quite a wide variety of different editions from the US and UK. The indispensable Violent World of Parker has loads of pictures of the covers of the various Parkers from all around the world (click on each of the novels from here and you'll see each one has "Known printings and cover gallery"), with which I can't really compete. But I can offer a slightly more meagre selection from my own collection, so let's round off today's Westlake Week posts with a little gallery. Enjoy:

Point Blank (Coronet paperback, UK, 1967), The Man with the Getaway Face (Pocket Books paperback, US, 1963), The Outfit (Berkley paperback, US, 1973)

The Mourner (Allison & Busby hardback, UK, 1987), The Score (Allison & Busby hardback, UK, 1985), The Rare Coin Score (Coronet paperback, UK, 1968)
Slayground (Avon paperback, US, 1984), Plunder Squad (Coronet paperback, UK, 1974), Butcher's Moon (Random House hardback, US, 1974)
Comeback (Mysterious Press hardback, US, 1997), Backflash (Mysterious Press hardback, US, 1998)
Breakout (Robert Hale hardback, UK, 2003), Ask the Parrot (Quercus hardback, UK, 2007)

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