Tuesday 15 June 2010

Parker Covers for Trent

If you're reading, Trent, these are for you; a few gaps I can fill in your cover galleries on The Violent World of Parker. Feel free to click on 'em and grab 'em (they're a bit dark, but I'm sure you can lighten 'em up):

Point Blank, Coronet, UK paperback, 1967

The Split
(a.k.a. The Seventh), Allison & Busby, UK hardback, 1985

The Damsel, Hodder & Stoughton, UK hardback, 1968

The Rare Coin Score, Coronet, UK paperback, Second Impression 1970

The Rare Coin Score, Coronet, UK paperback, Third Impression 1972

The Green Eagle Score, Coronet, UK paperback, 1968

Deadly Edge, Allison & Busby, UK paperback, 1990

Plunder Squad, Coronet, UK paperback, 1974

Breakout, Robert Hale, UK hardback, 2003


  1. Ha! I was just trolling your site for images and figured I'd about run out the string when I found this. Thanks! You should have e-mailed me!

    No clue when I'll post all this stuff. I'm _way_ backed up on unposted covers. But it will get up there eventually!

  2. No problem, sir. And by the way, I've just plugged your fundraising efforts in me latest post.