Tuesday 15 June 2010

Gaze in Awe and Wonder at The List!

A decent-ish week for new comics this week. There's this:

DC Universe Legacies
#2. I really liked the first issue of this, which is a ten-issue miniseries charting the history of DC Comics' costumed characters. Writer Len Wein is very much old skool DC, but considering how dreadful most new skool DC titles are (Grant Morrison's various Batman books being the obvious exception), that actually counts in its favour. It seems to be tackling its subject from a man on the street perspective, a la Marvels and Astro City, and while that has been done before (and there have been numerous series charting DC's history before), going by the first issue the result is thoroughly readable. The artwork is rather good too: Andy Kubert and his dad Joe Kubert on the main story, and J. G. Jones on the back-up story in #1 and J. H. Williams III on the back-up this time round. In fact the whole thing is like an oasis of decency in the arid creative desert that is today's DCU. There's a quote for your clippings.

Also out this week and likely to be bought by me are these:

Walking Dead
#73 (left) and New Avengers #1 (right). Walking Dead is always good, and of course there's a TV series based on it due to start airing in the fall, with Frank Darabont running the show. New Avengers is Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen's relaunch of their previous series; hopefully it'll be better than the other newly launched Avengers and Secret Avengers series, which weren't that great. We shall see.

And I might try and get these if I see 'em:

Crossed: Family Values
#1 and 2. I loved Garth Ennis' Crossed, which was his take on a zombie comic, although closer to 28 Days Later really, as it's more of a disease that turns people bloodthirsty crazy. It was pretty grim, but I like grim Garth (as my rant about his Punisher series attests), so it was right up my alley. This new series is written by David Lapham of Stray Bullets fame. I'd given it a wide berth, as I couldn't see the point of it (Ennis' Crossed was a complete story), but online reviews of it have been good, so I might see if my comic shop still has these.

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