Monday 14 June 2010

The Bourne Supremacy/The Dolly Dolly Spy

Bit of a book bonanza over the weekend. I had a couple of Westlakes turn up in the post, which I'll deal with separately, and a trip to Kim's Bookshop in Arundel turned up two good finds. First up:

A 1986 UK hardback first edition of Robert Ludlum's second Jason Bourne novel, The Bourne Supremacy, published by Granada. I'm a huge fan of the films, so I've been wanting to read these for a while. Of course, I'll have to start with the first one, The Bourne Identity, so I'll be keeping me eyes peeled for a first of that. And the other find was this:

A UK first edition hardback of Adam Diment's debut novel The Dolly Dolly Spy, published by Michael Joseph in 1967 with a dustjacket by Broom Lynne. Diment wrote four books about swinging sixties spy Philip McAlpine (described at the time as a successor to James Bond) up to 1971 and then promptly vanished. No one really knows what happened to him, although recent reports suggest he is currently living either in the Far East or, er, Kent. (Diment was also claimed at one point to simply have been a pseudonym for various in-house writers at Michael Joseph, although that seems to have been disproved.) In any case, I've been meaning to check one of his books out, and this is a really nice copy, the only fault being some old sellotape that was stuck to the edges of the jacket to protect it. But the tape was so old it peeled off easily when I got it home, just leaving leaving a little discolouration. Splendid.

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