Thursday 16 July 2009

GeoffJohnsGeoffJohnsGeoffJohns Say it Enough Times it Starts To Sound Weird

So after all my whining and wailing, Blackest Night #1 wasn't half bad. But it made me think. And what it made me think is this:

There are two Geoff Johnses.

No, wait! There are three Geoff Johnses. I forgot the one who sits at his computer cackling and stabbing at his keyboard while scenes of mutilation and dismemberment spew from his mind and fingers (plenty of that good shit in Blackest Night, mm-hmm).

But the other two Geoff Johnses, the main Geoff Johnses, not Leering Slasher Geoff Johns – those guys have two distinct personalities. One is Regular Series Geoff Johns, otherwise known as The Unremarkable Geoff Johns. Regular Series Geoff Johns writes ploddy run-of-the-mill stuff like the last eighteen months of Green Lantern or the quiet bits of Justice Society. Regular Series Geoff Johns isn't very strong on plot, or character, or anything really, although compared to the majority of writers writing for DC these days, he's a literary behemoth, so he gets plenny o' work.

The other Geoff Johns is GEOFF JOHNS: THE EVENT. GEOFF JOHNS: THE EVENT does stuff like Infinite Crisis (better than you remember, kids), or Thy Kingdom Come in JSA, or Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (which, trust me here, is fantastic; when it's eventually finished and the gaps between its individual issues are forgotten, it will be appreciated for the giggling genius of its million-things-happening-on-every-page madness). GEOFF JOHNS: THE EVENT is really quite a lot better than The Unremarkable Geoff Johns, and it looks like it's the former wot we've got on Blackest Night.

I suppose that shouldn't really be a surprise; it is, after all, an "event". But I think The Unremarkable Geoff Johns lulled me into a semi-comatose state, so it's nice to finally wake up to a Blackest Night.

Ooh, bad pun there. Tragic.

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