Monday 20 July 2009

For once,

I finished all this week's comics at the weekend. Usually it takes me up until the next New Comics Day to polish them off, and often longer than that. So well done me.

Best of the bunch was probably the Michael Kupperman back-up story in All Select, featuring Marvex the Super-Robot, which read like a lot of other Kupperman comics, i.e. daft and random and full of off kilter moments and unexpected detours (usually leading to dead ends). And then I read the story after Kupperman's effort, a reprint of an actual Marvex strip from the 1940s, and it quickly became clear that some of the more Kupperman-esque comedy stylings – Marvex being paid $20 for righting a wrong, for example – were a direct lift. In fact the 'classic' Marvex comic strip was even more random than the Kupperman version. Which just goes to prove that Golden Age comics really weren't big on logic or reason. Or plot. Or characterization. But they were big on MENTALNESS.

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