Thursday 16 July 2009

This Week's Haul

All Select Comics 70th Anniversary Special
Agents Of Atlas
Blackest Night #1 (of 8)
Captain America #601
Dark Avengers #7
Incognito #5
No Hero #6
Rasl #5,
Walking Dead #63

And so the Green Lantern "event" Blackest Night begins, and as you can see, I did buy it, despite my almost completely losing interest in Green Lantern. It will be at the top of the to-read pile. (This, regular readers will know, is Not A Good Thing.) If it isn't any cop, I will stop buying it. No, really, I will. I will! Swear to God! Why won't you believe me??!!

Actually, in my defence, I did resist getting both the Blackest Night #1 variant cover (mostly 'cos it was five bloody quid) and Blackest Night Tales of the Corps #1. Usually I buy right into all this spin-offy shit, so that's an indication of my supreme nonplussedness.

Look – Agents of Atlas is out again. Didn't that come out two weeks ago? I'm sure that happened with Invincible Iron Man too recently. My life seems to be speeding up in a worrying fashion.

No Hero #6 was actually supposed to come out last week, but didn't. This often happens with Avatar titles, and in particular Warren Ellis-written Avatar titles. In fact sometimes my local comic shop doesn't get issues at all, usually a #2 or #3 in a series. This is annoying. I have my suspicions that Warren Ellis himself is fucking with me, instructing Avatar not to distribute random issues to the south coast of England. Sounds like the kind of thing he'd do.

Elsewhere, we got Gene Colan on art duties in Captain America (nice); we got the final issue of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's Incognito (for now anyway – they're going back to Criminal, which I think I prefer; Incognito has been great, but Criminal is almost like the pure hit heroin version of the crime comic, with none of Incognito's distracting superheroics, fun though they are); we got Michael Kupperman doing a story in All Select Comics (Really? Michael Kupperman? Huh. Definitely coming back to that one); and we got Rasl. Now Rasl I like a lot. This is Jeff Smith of Bone fame's ongoing series, and it has three things in particular going for it: really nice art; a trans-dimensional plot; and a protagonist who's a bit of a cock. One or two of those things will usually put a smile on my face, but all three is like getting a reacharound into the bargain.


  1. Blackest Night looks good. Excellent art. Reis is becoming like Jiminez.

    I cannot see the appeal of AoA.

    Incognito FIVE?? not six? will they collect it then? i was waiting 4 the trade...

    cock puts a smile on your face?

  2. Opp, my mistake. You are quite correct, darling: Incognito is going for six issues, so there's one more to go. Thank you for being my personal fact checker. I would also like to retain your services as my personal fluffer if you're up for it.