Thursday 16 July 2009


J. Caleb Mozzocco has reviewed that All Select thing I mentioned below, with the Michael Kupperman story in it. Saves me a job anyway. This also highlights a problem with reviewing comics. In America, comics come out on a Wednesday. Here in the UK, they come out on a Thursday. So I'll never be able to beat the Yanks in getting reviews out first. I see this as justification for this blog being utterly rambling and generally pointless. Hooray.

Asterios Polyp, slight return: I've finished it now. There are reviews all over the interweb, and there'll be more all the time, so I'll just say it's a really satisfying, thought-provoking novel – that's novel, not graphic novel; it is the latter, but it belongs with the former – with some brilliant, memorable characters who I wanted to spend more time with. Oh, and the ending made me smile, but then I'm wrong like that.

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