Friday 30 July 2010

The Michael Vyse Addendum

Just a quick update on the previous musings on science fiction author Michael Vyse. As determined by Book Glutton and followed up on here, we'd pretty much established that Mr. Vyse was alive and well and living in France. But I've just noticed a new comment on that last post, from one Owen Vyse – Michael's son, who Vyse Sr. dedicted his collection of short stories, The Outer Reaches, to. Owen says his dad's not online, but Owen will send him a print-out of the relevant posts about his dad, and reckons Michael will be 'tickled pink'. So there you go. Amazing the connections the internet can make possible, and also some small vindication of what I kinda hoped Existential Ennui might turn out to be: an occasionally useful resource for those seeking info on particular obscure pursuits (just Google 'Patricia Highsmith First Editions', for example). Huzzah.

1 comment:

  1. I just got a nice copy of Overworld from, of all places, a bookshop in Lewes. Via the internet, of course.

    I hope Mr. Vyse enjoys his brief moment in the sun(king). I can't wait to read this book. (And the cover design/dust jacket is superb. I enjoy just looking at this book.)

    And hats off to you, Louis, for blogging about this in the first place. Vindication, mos def.