Thursday 9 September 2010

Richard Stark-Related Links and a Plug for 500 Essential Cult Books and 500 Essential Cult Movies

A few things that might be of interest...

Trent at the utterly indispensable Violent World of Parker site has added a few bits and bobs to help keep the site up and running, including links to AbeBooks (a.k.a. Advanced Book Exchange) on his bibliography page that he'll see some kick-back from. If you're thinking of buying any Richard Stark or Donald Westlake novels, why not click through on the links Trent's provided and do some good at the same time?

Steve Holland over at Bear Alley has a cover gallery of the UK Coronet Parker paperbacks up, which is well worth a look.

And speaking of Steve – and seeing as I plugged a book I worked on the other day – I thought I'd plug another couple which I oversaw that might be of interest to the Stark/Westlake obsessives out there, one of which Steve did some writing for:

That's 500 Essential Cult Books by Gina McKinnon with Steve Holland, and 500 Essential Cult Movies by Jennifer Eiss with JP Rutter and Steve White (UK Ilex and US Sterling covers seen above). They're both damn fine books, if I do say so myself, certainly among the better books I've edited, very informatively and entertainingly written, and unlike a lot of 'guide' books, lavishly illustrated too. Needless to say Stark's The Hunter is in Cult Books and Point Blank is in Cult Movies, alongside all manner of other curios, many of which are, oddly enough, personal favourites of mine. Ahem. 500 Essential Cult Books can be ordered from the UK and US here and here, and 500 Essential Cult Movies can be ordered here and here.

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