Wednesday 30 June 2010

Old Books for New

The only problem with collecting twentieth century first editions, I'm finding – apart from the expense, the time, and the all-consuming feverish obsession that takes hold of you and permeates your every waking and even sleeping hour to the extent that you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night worrying whether a book you've ordered in haste online does, after all, come with a dustjacket – is I tend to be not so aware of new books. I do read the Guardian and the Observer book sections at the weekend, but they lean towards nonfiction, and the fiction they do cover is usually more 'highbrow' than my standard interests. I get emails from Firsts In Print, but again, they're generally about yer historical fiction and the like. (And what exactly is the current obsession with historical fiction? Why not simply read books that were written in that period? Er, unless, of course, books weren't being written in that period... But still, my point stands. I think.)

Book Glutton kindly drew my attention to a new book in the comments here (which I've just ordered), but the odd helpful suggestion aside, where should I go to find out about new books of a crime/thriller/SF-bent? Any suggestions gratefully received...

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