Wednesday 24 March 2010

Almost forgot: The List!

Not a bad week for comics this week. Here's wot's coming aht and wot I will get:

Captain America #604. Ed Brubaker's Cap is always solid with occasional flashes of brilliance. This current storyline about the 1950s crazy Cap has leaned more towards the former, but I have a lingering fascination with '50s Crazy Cap having read some screed years ago trying to make sense of the fact that there was still a Captain America around well into the 1950s even though it was subsequently established (in the 1960s Avengers series) that Cap got frozen in a block of ice at the end of World War II, and also to address the issue of Cap becoming increasingly anti-Communist during that '50s period (the answer being, he was a different guy, and he was crazy). It wasn't in the comics themselves I read about all this – must've been some magazine thing Marvel published in the 1980s – but the convoluted nature of the explanation really gripped me. I'm weird like that.

Green Lantern #52. Perversely I started picking GL up again at the #50 mark, even though I haven't been buying the Blackest Night miniseries proper. The answer for this being, Parallax is back, and I loved the Crazy Hal Jordan/Parallax run of stories from five or ten years ago. I'm weird like that.

Nemesis #1. This is Mark Millar and Steve Mcniven's new creator-owned series, a kind of 'what if Batman was a cock' sort of affair. I'll give it a go, but with the caveat that it's gonna have to have more going on than just 'what if Batman was a cock' for me to stay with it, as the answer to that question would be, 'he'd be a cock in a cape'. I'm wary like that.

New Avengers #63
. One of my favourite comics. A no-brainer. I'm weird like that.

Orc Stain #2. I'm not even sure I liked the first issue of this, which is the sort of fantasy quest thing I usually steer clear of. But I might get this second issue anyway. I'm stupid like that.

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