Tuesday 8 December 2009


Another AbeBooks acquisition:

This time the first re-set Pan edition of Moonraker, i.e. the, I think, first edition with that particular cover, from, I think (I don't have the book in front of me), 1959. I was actually watching an auction of a second printing of this on eBay, but it suddenly shot up to £18, so rather than pay nearly £20 for a copy (possibly more; one of the bidders was obviously keen), I went for a browse on AbeBooks, and came across a listing of what looked like the right book. It took a few emails fired back and forth with the owner of the bookshop to establish it was the right cover at least, so I bought it for a fiver (including postage). It turned up yesterday, and it seems to just say 're-set' on the imprint page, not second or third printing. I'll have another look tonight, but in any case, bit of a bargain.

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