Tuesday 22 December 2009

I don't

blog much about music, mostly 'cos I spent a good seven or eight years writing about music professionally and doubt I've got anything interesting or original to say about it anymore (not that I ever really did). But truth be told, I've not been listening to as much new music this year as I have previously. I tend to go for the indie side of things, and indieworld went electropop in a big way in '09. Which is fine – I got nothing against electropop; it's just I sort of did that in the 1990s (and the 1980s). And while guitarry artrock also isn't the most original of music forms, at least I wasn't really old enough to appreciate it first time round (i.e., post-punk/new wave), so artrock sounded fresh to me. But this year it's been largely subsumed by electropop, so for me, pickin's were slim.

There have been some ace albums though: Official Secrets Act, Maccabees, Horrors, Johnny Foreigner, Fanfarlo... probably more I'm forgetting. And a few bands have piqued my interest: Exlovers, Everything Everything... And with new albums due in January from Good Shoes and These New Puritans, there's still cool stuff around.

So... there.

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