Tuesday 18 May 2010

Listifaction Time... Listification Time...

Looks like a fairly decent week for new comics this week. I count four definites for me, plus a graphic novel I'd like to get if it arrives, plus a few other comics I'll flick through. I can't be arsed to list the 'maybes' today though, so let's just look at the 'definites', shall we? Yes, let's.

Marvel launch their 'Heroic Age' thingy with this Brian Michael Bendis-written/John Romita Jr.-drawn new series. Woo hoo. Should be pretty good actually, although there's eight variant covers on this one, including the main cover. Eight! That's ridiculous. Silly old Marvel. Mind you, I like the sound of the 'Avengers Party Gatefold Cover'... No! Noooo! Resist! Resssiiiissssttt!

Ex Machina #49
Penultimate issue! I'll be sad to see this one go. Hope Brian K. Vaughan's got something new lined up. This and his Y: The Last Man were two of the best ongoing titles throughout the noughties.

Invincible Iron Man
Always solid this.

Walking Dead
And this.

This is the graphic novel I mentioned, Jim Woodring's Weathercraft, which is his first full graphic novel (it sez 'ere). I've read a fair few of Woodring's Frank comics, and they're weirdly compelling, although they generally leave you feeling slightly wrong, as awful things tend to befall the characters. I like feeling wrong though. Is that wrong?

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