Friday 9 April 2010

Eisner Award Nomination

Generally speaking I don't really blog about my 'real' life, i.e. what I do on a day-to-day basis. Y'know, work and stuff. But I thought I'd make an exception today, because a book wot I edited has been nominated for an Eisner Award. If that means nothing to you, then to explain, the Eisners are the leading awards in the comics field – kind of like the Oscars of comics. If the Oscars were won exclusively by bearded blokes in T-shirts. There are lots of categories in the awards, but one is for Best Comics-Related Book, and on the shortlist of five is this:

The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga
. I slaved over this bugger for months, working closely with the author, Helen McCarthy, from initial contracts through to scheduling, copyediting, picture research, subbing, proofing, approvals – you name it. So it's nice to see all our hard work get some kind of recognition. And it is a fab book, one of the best I've worked on. You can see the whole list of Eisner nominations here. The winners will be announced at Comic-Con in San Diego over the summer (I think).


  1. Yes, well done us! And even though there IS another Abrams book on the shortlist, and even though it IS a very nice book, I still want ours to win!

  2. BTW aren't we allowed to go to San Diego unless we get beards and t-shirts? Because I've got t-shirts but I'm not so sure about the beard...

  3. We'll get Tim to grow a beard, then you can borrow his.

  4. I just got a copy from Amazon for only $12.09. It looks fantastic. Congratulations on the nomination.