Wednesday 28 April 2010

Volvanos permitting, it's The List!

I think there'll be a new comics delivery on Thursday. Apparently last week's comics, which were delayed by the Icelandic volcano, came in to UK comic shops yesterday. But as non-existent regular readers already know, there was nothing in last week's delivery I wanted. However, I did get terribly excited prior to establishing there was nothing I wanted because I mistakenly read this week's list of new comics instead and thought there were five comics I wanted to get, a figure that's practically unheard of these days (for me).

Well now it's this week, and assuming the delivery gets through, those five comics are still on the list. Sing Hosanna! And here they are:

Captain America #605
Invincible Iron Man #25
New Avengers #64
Stumptown #3
Walking Dead #71

So there you go. I also missed The Unwritten #12 from a couple of weeks ago, so if that's still around I'll pick it up. Of the new comics, I missed #2 of Stumptown, which is the Greg Rucka-written mystery/detective comic, but I just ordered a copy on eBay (oddly enough from a comic shop near where I used to live in north London, which is interweb-only these days I think), so if my comic shop has #3, I'll pick it up.

The end.

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