Friday 23 April 2010

In response

to Book Glutton's comment on the post below this one, and the almost literally thousands of readers who are doubtless waiting nervously, feverishly even, for an answer, I kinda knew Grand Rapids was in Michigan. I was just using it as the basis for a facetious quip. No change there...

As to whether I read the rarer/more valuable Parker books I pick up, well, I read whichever copy I have to hand. So for example with Point Blank I was reading a 1967 Coronet paperback out and about and a 1984 Allison & Busby edition at home; for The Outfit I was reading a '70s Berkley paperback on the move and an '80s A&B hardback at home; The Split I've just started reading in an A&B hardback edition... and so on.

I'm careful with my books – I treat them nice, like – but far as I'm concerned books are meant to be read. I might acquire additional editions of books if I like the look of 'em or see 'em about, but I don't buy them as reading copies per se. As far as the Parker books go, I'm reading them in original publication order so I've yet to get to the really scarce ones. But when I do get to, say, Plunder Squad (not that I have a copy of that one... yet...) or Butcher's Moon, I'll read them in the rare and eye-wateringly expensive editions I have, whilst feeling exceedingly smug about it.

Feel free to slap me if you see me around.

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