Sunday 20 June 2010

Everyone's a Critic: Those Shelves Again

Due to popular demand, a further rearrangement:

How's that?

And we have confirmation of the origin of that cabinet: it was indeed made by my girlfriend Rachel's granddad. It's actually a drinks/glasses cabinet; you can just about see the engraving of cocktail shakers in the glass doors.

Existential Ennui: answering questions, filling in facts.


  1. Lovely! I can now start my work week in mental peace. Not that I'm against graphic novels or books about them. Au contraire. I just think they need to be in their own section.

    I'm not in a great position to judge. I haven't done a proper sorting in over a year, just because I have no space left. My priority is to build/find some new shelves, then we can look at re-arranging.

  2. Well as you can see from the books stacked down the back of that cabinet, I'm in need of new shelves too. I feel your pain... Still, during my sort-out I did discover that the copy of Chips Channon's Diaries I own (bottom shelf, 2nd from left) is going for upwards of forty quid online. Think I only paid eight quid for it.