Sunday 20 June 2010

Sunday Afternoon Book Sort

I'll have a few new posts soon (probably tomorrow) about my latest book acquisitions, one on a Peter Rabe tip, the others picked up on a trip to the Oxfam Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells yesterday. (Ooh, the excitement! The thrills and spills just never stop here at Existential Ennui.)

But in the meantime, and tangentially related to the previous highly tedious post on collecting (which I thought about deleting it's so boring), one of the nerdy things collectors do – or at least I do – is rearrange their collections. When comics took up most of my collecting energy, I'd have to (yes, have to) occasionally sort through them and put them in series order in their boxes (and actually, I need – yes, need – to do that again soon; I don't buy quite so many comics these days, but even getting a few a week, they still pile up and need sorting out). Books, which are my main focus these days, don't require quite so much arranging, but it's always nice to have them in some sort of order, usually arranged by author.

It's strangely enjoyable rearranging a collection, creating a (loose) order out of chaos. I've just spent a couple of hours re-shelving books, as I had a bunch of graphic novels stacked alongside some novels, and I probably don't need to tell you how utterly, grievously wrong that was. And if I do need to tell you, you're reading the wrong blog.

Anyway, I've now sorted out the shelf that was annoying me (as well as some others, which I won't show this time; cue sighs of relief all round), and it's in a better place now. I'm still not completely happy with it – you'll see the non-fiction down the end of the bottom shelf doesn't quite work – but it'll do for the moment while I ponder further rearranging. Oh, and this also sort of answers Book Glutton's request in the comments on this post to see another pic of my Stark/Westlakes (minus the paperbacks this time). Note the new copy of Ask the Parrot far right on the upper shelf, which has replaced the ex-library copy I was ranting about in that post. Fucking hell I'm sad.

Click on the image for a larger version. (And yes, those are even more books you can see stuffed down the back. I think I might need some more shelves...). Eagle-eyed viewers might spot a couple of the books I picked up in Tunbridge Wells. Er, if said eagle-eyed viewers have been slavishly following this blog and have a detailed working knowledge of my book collection. So, no. Eagle-eyed viewers won't be able to spot those two books. Sigh. Still, feel free to guess.


  1. Very impressive collection! And nice shelves, too! Where did you get them? I found a set of cherry shelves that were originally from Archives Canada and am quite happy with them, but they don't have that awesome glass cover yours do. But yeah, I do think you need to get those graphic novels out of there. It ruins the flow. ;)

  2. The shelves, or rather cabinet, come from my girlfriend's family. She thinks her granddad made them. They're certainly a good few years old. And you're quite right about those graphic novels, although those are books ABOUT comics; I'd already shifted out the GNs. Just had another sort out, though, so hold tight for another post...