Monday 11 January 2010

Less and Less Comics....

My local comic shop in Brighton finally got their delivery on Saturday, so I popped over on Sunday to pick up these:

Mighty #12
Orc Stain #1
Punisher Max: Get Castle #1
Siege #1
Stumptown #2

Unfortunately they'd already sold out of Stumptown, which is a Greg Rucka-written crime miniseries, the first issue of which I rather enjoyed. So that's one less comic I'll be getting. A few weeks ago I didn't get to the comic shop on delivery day and I missed out on the latest issue of Ex Machina. I'll try and pick that up somewhere as there's only a few to go till the final issue now, but the trend of getting less and less comics looks set to continue in 2010.

It's getting to the point now where I'm seriously thinking of knocking comics on the head. I keep missing issues, which is annoying, but not as annoying as it once would have been, and ultimately means I buy less and less each month as I lose track of series. I get maybe three or four comics a week at the moment, none of which really thrill me to any great degree. Could it be time to just give up?

So I had a thought. I'm going to list all the comics I can think of I'm still getting every month. And then I'll be able to see if there's anything I'd really and truly miss if I stopped buying comics. To the list!

Batman & Robin
Captain America
Captain America Reborn (miniseries, only one more issue to go)
Chronicles of Wormwood (miniseries)
Crossed (only one more issue to go on this)
Dark Avengers
Ex Machina (if I can find #47)
Invincible Iron Man
Kick-Ass (miniseries, one issue left)
New Avengers
Punishermax (possibly, undecided on this one)
Siege (possibly, depending what the first issue's like, which I haven't read yet)

I think that's it. Take out miniseries and any series I'm uncertain about continuing with, and that leaves maybe eight comics per month. And of those, there are only two DC/Vertigo series. A couple of years back DC would have dominated that list, and the list itself would have been maybe three times as long, possibly more. And if I stopped going to the comic shop tomorrow, I think the only ongoing ones I'd really miss would be Captain America, Criminal, and maybe New Avengers.


Well, I don't know if I'll be completely stopping trips to the comic shop. But I can definitely see myself only going every other week a lot of the time.


  1. That should be fewer and fewer...

    I don't know how you can keep up with that much superhero action anyway. The only on-going comic-in-comic (not book) form that I keep up with is Berlin (1 issue a year...)

  2. Feck. "Fewer" and "less" is one of my grammatical blind spots. Always trip up over that. Of course, I could go back and edit the post... but that would make a nonsense of your comment. Plus, as ever, I can't be arsed.