Wednesday 25 May 2011

A Donald E. Westlake Aside: Richard Stark's The Hunter in 500 Essential Cult Books by Gina McKinnon (Ilex Press)

Interrupting this run of posts on Donald E. Westlake's science fiction short stories, I mentioned on Monday that I'd likely have another Westlake-related post up elsewhere this week – and so I have.

Regular readers may or may not know that, when I'm not knocking out nonsense on this 'ere blog, I'm beavering away as Managing Editor at pop culture publisher Ilex Press. We've just revamped our website, and one of the brand spanking new features on it is... your guessed it: a blog. Obviously we'll be promoting our new books on the blog, but what we'll also be doing is looking back at some slightly older titles – many of which, funnily enough, intersect with the abiding preoccupations of Existential Ennui. I've just posted my first entry on the Ilex Press side of the blog (there's an Ilex Photo side as well, concentrating on the digital photography titles we publish), which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is on Donald E. Westlake – or rather, his Richard Stark alias, specifically 1962's Parker novel The Hunter, one of the titles featured in Ilex's rather fine 500 Essential Cult Books.

So, while you're waiting for the next post on Westlake's SF stories here, why not head over to this post on the Ilex blog, and wallow in some Westlake/Stark/Parker goodness. You know it makes sense...

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