Tuesday 24 August 2010

Must Be Thursday 26/8/10

Well then. Here's the thing. Last week I had a bit of a whinge about how these weekly Must Be Thursday posts weren't terribly interesting and I couldn't see the point in doing them any more. But last week's Must Be Thursday did get a reasonable number of views in the end, so I figured, what the hell, I'll do one this week. So I wrote it, read it back, and by Christ it was boring. So I deleted it. Which means that's probably it for Must Be Thursday. I might bring it back occasionally if I feel an overwhelming urge to write about that week's new comics, but otherwise, that's yer lot.

Oh, and these are the comics I'll probably get this week. Think yourselves lucky you don't have to read my tedious thoughts about them:

Action #892
Batman #702
Superman Batman #75
Wonder Woman #602
Avengers #4
Captain America #609
Punisher Max Happy Ending (One shot)

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