Tuesday 11 May 2010

Wik-wikky-wikky-oh-my-gosh! It's The List!

And what a bumper list it is this week. I didn't bother going to the comic shop last week in the end, so there's at least one holdover from that week – Batman and Robin #12 – plus I wanted to have a look at I Zombie #1 and Brightest Day #1, so if they're still on the shelves I might pick them up as well.

And this week there's five fairly definite buys for me, plus another three maybes. My comicth cup runneth over. Let'th, er, I mean, let's get to the (fairly) definites first:

Batman: The Return of Bruce
Wayne #1 (of 6). For those who haven't been following the labyrinthine twists and turns of the DC Universe, which is to say anyone sane, Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, is dead. Or at least he was thought to be dead, having been virtually disintegrated in Final Crisis. But of course he's not really dead, merely lost in time. Always the way, innit? So now he's coming back from the undead, seemingly clawing his way across history (or rather DC history) over the course of six fortnightly issues. Go Bruce. Grant Morrison's writing it and the likes of Chris Sprouse and Frazer Irving are drawing it. Go Grant'n'Chris'n'Frazer.

#13. Still not feeling this series as much as I felt the same creators' Lucifer (y'feel me?), still reading it anyway. Go figure.

Siege #4. Final issue of this miniseries, which rounds off two or three years of Marvel's Dark Reign schtick, whereby Norman 'Green Goblin' Osborn and his evil chums found themselves in charge of running tings in the Marvel Universe. It was a nice idea, and it started well, but as ever with these things it dragged on too long. Inevitably, there are a bunch of tie-ins to this last issue, but luckily two of them – both written by Brian Michael Bendis, the same writer as on Siege – are comics I'd be getting anyway, namely:

Dark Avengers
#16. I think this is the final issue of this one. I've enjoyed bits of this series, but I won't be sorry to see it end. And:

New Avengers Finale. This has been one of my favourite regular comic books of the past five years or so. I would be sad to see it go, but it's not really going anywhere; it's getting a new number 1 in like a month's time. Such is the way with comics. Bryan Hitch drew this one. Judging by that cover he hasn't finished yet. Come on son, get a shift on. It's out tomorrow!

So those are the five (fairly) definites. Also on a Siege tip, there's something called Fallen out. I have no idea what it is, as Marvel haven't released a cover or any information on what it's about, who wrote it, who drew it... anything. This happens quite a lot these days, the reasoning being Marvel don't want to spoil the surprise. But all it does is make me less interested in buying the bloody thing. So I probably won't. Ha. Screw you, Marvel.

And there's a few other things I wanna take a look at:

War of the Supermen
#1 and #2. I haven't been following the whole 'New Krypton' storyline – the Superman comics have been a bit rubbish for a few years now – but I'm sort of jonesing for some Superman action, so if I see these I might pick 'em up. And:

Amazing Spider-Man #630 and 631. I really don't like the current 'retro' take on Spidey, but these have Chris Bachalo on art, and I love me some Chris Bachalo. Oh yeah.

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