Thursday 13 May 2010

Give Us a Ring

Back from the comic shop, with ten comics. Ten! That's almost unheard of these days! I didn't cave in to my desire for a catch-up on the Superman comics as I had a quick flick through War of the Supermen and it looked as predictable and uninspired as all the other Superman comics from the past two years or so, and I didn't get that Fallen thing cos it seemed to consist of lots of Marvel superheroes standing around Sentry's grave and remembering how great he was (sorry, Marvel superheroes: he was a pointless waste of ink, which is why he's been offed. Get over it.). But I still emerged with ten comics. How did that happen?

One of the ones I got was Brightest Day #1, which came out last week. I've blogged before about my weird compulsion to buy this, but even given all that, I still picked it up. But when I went to pay for my comics, the nice lass spotted my copy of Brightest Day #1 and said, "Oh, you get a free ring with that." And then she went, "Here, have one of these too."

For those who don't know, DC Comics have been running a promotion for a while now whereby comics retailers who order a certain number of Blackest Night and Brightest Day-related comics can then order a bunch of differently hued rings, each one tied to a different 'Corp', i.e. the Green Lantern Corp, the Red Lantern Corp, and so on. So I am now the, er, proud owner of a White Lantern ring and a Green Lantern ring:

Fuck knows what I'll do with 'em, but it's always nice to get free stuff.

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