Thursday 6 May 2010

This Week's Listless List

After last week's cavalcade of new comics, this week's looking somewhat sparser (as well as it being another late delivery, due to the bank holiday; the new comics are in tomorrow). There's only one comic I'll definitely be getting, which is this:

Batman and Robin
#12, with a luverly high-kicking cover courtesy of Frank Quitely. I might also try this:

Brightest Day
#1, which is DC's new fortnightly year-long series about the heroes who were resurrected at the end of Blackest Night. Which I didn't read. Which begs the question, why would I wish to read a series that follows up a series I didn't read, and whose issue #0 I thought was, by and large, cack? Well, fuck knows. But it's out every two weeks, and what I love about mainstream comics is their serialized nature, and... and... No, let's stick with 'fuck knows'.

And I might give this a go too:

It's got Mike Allred of Madman fame on art, and it'll be less than a quid (DC/Vertigo tend to launch new series these days with cheapo $1 issue #1s). Worth a look, eh?

Oh, and I managed to nab issues 2 and 3 of Greg Rucka's crime comic Stumptown on eBay, so I'll be blogging about those (and issue #1) once I've read 'em, as the series fits into the general crime fiction 'bent' of this blog, so there might be an interested reader or, er, one. Brillo.

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