Thursday 1 April 2010

News: The Outfit Next for Darwyn Cooke

Look at this, some proper news for once. Wonders will never cease. To wit: comics publisher IDW have announced that the next Richard Stark/Parker graphic novel adaptation from Darwyn Cooke (he of DC's The New Frontier fame, and various splendid Batman/Catwoman comics) will be... The Outfit. Which means that, having adapted the first Parker novel, The Hunter/Point Blank, Cooke is skipping to the third, bypassing The Man with the Getaway Face.

Ah, except he isn't, because part of that announcement is the news that seemingly The Man with the Getaway Face is being incorporated into The Outfit by Cooke (in a rather truncated form I imagine), and will also be released as a standalone chapter in an oversized comic book in July. Which is all rather exciting. If a little confusing. Anyway, here's a peek at the cover to the comic:

Woo, and indeed, hoo.

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