Wednesday 22 July 2009

Random Comics Characters We Like for No Discernible Reason

We all have a few of these. Or at least those of us who still read superhero comics well into our dotage. I'm not talking about your Captain Americas or Batmans here. I mean your second- and third- and even fourth-stringers, characters who wouldn't support their own comic in a million years and yet for some reason struck a chord with us, usually at an impressionable age (although not necessarily).

Like this guy. Vance Astro. I've mentioned him before. There he is on the right, bottom right on the cover. Why has he lodged in my brain? No idea. I couldn't tell you a thing about him, although I recently picked up a few old Marvel Presents, so maybe they'll shed some light.

Then there's Kang. I think I like Kang because I like the sound of his name. Kang. Kang. KANG. Kang is a conquerer (in fact he often insists on being called Kang the Conquerer). There are a few comics featuring him I really like, notably Avengers Forever, but beyond the sound of his name and his blue face and funky duds, I have no clue why he resonates with me. Maybe that's all you need with comics characters. A cool name, a nice look, and a chance encounter in childhood. I guess ol' Vance Astro fits the bill there too.

Well there you go. I think we've all learned something there.

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